Sapphire Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

Sapphire Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

For many decades now, memory foam has been around. At first, it was introduced by NASA in the ‘70s for the primary purpose of supporting and cushioning astronauts during their lift-off into outer space. It was branded as TEMPUR shortly after that. Memory foam continued to gain its popularity over the years. After it was released to the market in the ‘90s, it became a more popular choice for most bedrooms throughout the world.

Currently, there are plenty of mattress brands that implement memory foam. In fact, it has been upgraded to make it even more comfortable and beneficial. I have come across various mattress brands such as Hyde & Sleep and Doze that provide memory foam designs.

In general, memory foam reacts to your body’s heat, shifting, and molding to support each contour and curve for more personalized comfort. Primarily, memory foam mattresses are made from polyurethane, which is often known as “viscoelastic.” If you’re planning to buy a memory foam mattress, you can purchase memory foam pillows as well to experience the full impact of this advanced material.

What are the Reasons for Choosing Memory Foam?

Once you lie on any memory foam mattress, you will suddenly feel this subtle sinking sensation that most people (including me) find very comforting. Not only does it hug your body, but it also distributes your weight evenly throughout the surface. Since your pressure points will be eased, it means that you will less likely suffer from aches and pains or stiffness after waking up.

Choosing a memory foam mattress comes with lots of pros, such as:

– Unique sleeping experience

In case you and/or your partner move around a lot during the night, this memory foam will adjust to accommodate and hug your particular position every time you move. It is because of this quality that memory foam mattresses can also be used with adjustable beds. Thanks to this innovative material, it suits all kinds of sleepers: back, front, or side.

– Insulating and cooling properties

In general, these mattresses are known to better and effective at preserving body heat compared to other types of mattresses. For this reason, they are ideal for colder climates. If you are planning to keep cool, however, there are certain cooling options such as TEMPUR’s CoolTouch range.

– Dense material for relaxation

Typically, the denseness is known to assist in relaxing restless limbs since it covers the contours of your shape. In turn, this could lead to a night of deeper and more peaceful sleep.

Several benefits come with memory foam pillows as well. The enveloping foam assists in preventing neck pain by filling up the gap that’s between your shoulders and neck – regardless of which way you move – while maintaining the alignment of your spine. What’s more, these pillows can assist in minimizing snoring since they prop up your head and make sure that your airways remain open for more natural breathing.

Some of the things you should be aware of when selecting a memory foam mattress are outlined below in the form of frequently asked questions. Read on.

Is Memory Foam Safe?

Well, yes! That’s the short answer. There have been minor concerns in the media regarding memory foam, possibly leaking harmful chemicals. As a result, I highly recommend that, when shopping, you should check out that every memory product is certified. That means that they’re independently tested to make sure they consist of no dangerous chemicals.

Also, memory foam mattresses can be hypoallergenic, which makes them an ideal choice for those who have asthma or other common allergies. Due to the foam’s tight structure, it becomes difficult for dust mites to get into the memory foam mattress. Most styles are also treated with a probiotic to assist in keeping the fungi and bacteria at bay.

Will Memory Foam Mattresses Make Me Hot?

Apart from hindering dust mites, the memory foam’s dense structure blocks airflow as well. It could lead to making certain people feel too warm. What’s more, the pressure relief and spinal alignment that comes from memory foam improves blood circulation and, in turn, raises your body temperature.

For those who are concerned about feeling too hot after purchasing a memory foam mattress, below are a few simple measures you could take:

– Opt for cooling memory foam

In most situations, you will find an exclusive range of TEMPUR’s CoolTouch mattresses. They are primarily designed to help in keeping you comfortably cool. Due to the innovative fabric, it absorbs excess heat to make sure that your temperature is regulated all through the night.

– Invest in a cooling mattress topper

In case your present memory foam mattress seems to be a bit too much on the warm side, buying a cooling mattress can quickly fix the issue. These types of toppers are made to absorb excess heat.

– Opt for a lower tog duvet

Using a lightweight, breathable duvet could be an excellent solution to maintain regulated body temperature with a memory foam mattress.

– Sleep naked or wear breathable nightwear

Naturally, linen and cotton pajamas are breathable and cooling. Also, sleeping in the buff will assist in lowering your body temperature and promoting a better night’s sleep on your mattress. In general, there are also additional positive health reasons for sleeping naked.

Do Memory Foam Mattresses Smell?

At times, some people might notice a smell originating from their memory foam mattress when it’s new; this is something called “off-gassing.” It is basically the odor that is released when you actually take a mattress out of its packaging and is usually associated with the smell of a brand new car or a freshly painted room.

It’s often brought about by compression and air-tight packaging, which results in low levels of gas to accumulate. Since the smell could be a bit off-putting, we suggest that you disperse it by airing out your mattress before you can actually sleep on it. Put it close to an open window without bedding on it. Then, allow it to “breathe” for a couple of hours or even throughout the night.

How Long Do These Memory Foam Mattresses Last?

If you take proper care of your particular mattress, including things like turning it over and/or rotating it as instructed, protecting it with a mattress protector or topper, and cleaning it regularly, you will enjoy sleeping on your chosen memory foam mattress for approximately eight years before you require a new one.

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Soft or Firm?

Just like a typical spring mattress, a memory foam mattress’s firmness relies on the make and model. As aforementioned, memory foam mattresses typically distribute weight evenly. That means that if you’re looking for a firmer mattress, you won’t have any issues with memory foam. Because firm mattresses rely on balance, the memory foam mattress provides similar benefits.

However, for those who prefer their mattresses less firm, then a soft memory mattress would be fine as well. In general, they tend to be softer compared to spring mattresses since they usually contour to your body. As mentioned, however, it differs on a mattress-by-mattress basis.

How Will Memory Foam Mattresses Affect Your Back?

There are no springs when it comes to memory foam mattresses, which implies that they mold to your specific body shape, even your back. Due to this support, such type of mattress will offer full-body support, pressure point relief, and enhance healthy spinal alignment. But, in rare cases, they might not assist back pain.

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Safe for Kids and Toddlers?

In general, these types of mattresses aren’t recommended for toddlers and very young children. However, they’re much suitable for older children. And their hypoallergenic properties might be desirable in case your kid struggles with allergies.

How Do You Look After A Memory Foam Mattress?

All memory foam mattresses (including gel memory foam mattresses) should be kept dry. Since any accidental spillages can potentially result in deterioration of the inner layers, we advise a waterproof mattress protector that can help in effectively shielding it.

Generally speaking, these mattresses are a suitable match for a solid bed base. They could also be best suited to beds with slats that have narrow gaps, not exceeding 5cm. The reason behind this is that the foam’s pliable nature might end up laying unevenly above wide set slats.

Memory foam mattresses generally come in a variety of sizes. The supportive material in these mattresses helps in keeping spines aligned and healthy. It also embraces restless limbs to allow more comfortable sleep.

For a medium-sized room, a double memory foam mattress would be an ideal solution since it optimizes the available space and promotes healthy sleep. There are also mattresses available in small double, called queen size, which is a perfect space-saving option.

If your bedroom has enough space, buying a king-size or super king-size would mean that you’re getting the most comfort and the ultimate in luxurious sleep. When shopping, we will always recommend that you go for the largest size that should properly fit into your room and budget, allowing you more space for stretching while you sleep.